Medical Laboratory & Clinical Scientists Council of Zimbabwe  wishes to remind all registered members of the Medical Laboratory Profession that subscription fees for year 2017 are now due.

The fees remain as they were in 2016 and are as follows:-

Register                                                  Annual fee

Clinical Scientists                                 US$180-00

Specialists                                              US$120-00

Medical Lab. Scie. General                 US$100-00

Medical Lab. Scie. Limited                 US$100-00

State Cert. Med. Lab. Techs               US$ 80-00

State Cert. Blood. Trans. Techs         US$ 80-00

Council is kindly requesting members to subscribe through the bank or online.

Bank Details  Barclays Bank- Kurima House Branch

Branch Code: 2157

Account No:  6611145

Members are urged to write correct registration number and names as they appear on their Registration Certificates.


We wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!!


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