Medical Laboratory & Clinical Scientists Council of Zimbabwe wishes to remind all registered members of the Medical Laboratory Profession that subscription fees for year 2019 will soon be due.

Register                                                     Annual fee

Clinical Scientists                                     $270-00

Medical Lab. Scie. General                      $150-00

Medical Lab. Scie. Limited                        $150-00

Medical Lab. Technologists                     $ 135-00

State Cert. Med. Lab. Techs                    $ 120-00

State Cert. Blood. Trans. Techs               $ 120-00

Medical Laboratory Assistants                 $ 75-00

Rapid HIV Testers                                    $ 60-00

Research Laboratory                                $1,500-00

Multidisciplinary Laboratory                     $1,350-00

Collection Point                                         $800-00

All fees are 15% V.A.T. inclusive.

Bank Details      Barclays Bank- FDA Branch

Branch Code:    2157

Account No:      6611145

Members are urged to write correct Council Registration Numbers and names as they appear on their Registration Certificates