A new issue of CCLM is available online! Vol 54, Issue 7 (June 2016)

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Following the agreement on mutual cooperation between EFLM and W. de Gruyter for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine journal (CCLM), it has been planned to send regularly to the EFLM contacts the table of contents of CCLM issues and the list of future titles as well. I do hope you will appreciate the initiative which is intended as a further service by EFLM to our European professional community.  CCLM is published on a monthly basis and is the most relevant Journal on Clinical Chemistry in Europe; it is a valuable and updated source of knowledge for the professionals in the field, well recognized all over the world.  The CCLM 2014 Impact factor is 2.707.

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A new issue of ‘Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CCLM)’ is available online from De Gruyter Online – Click on the following links to view the new contents:

In Memoriam: Gérard Siest (1936–2016)
Plebani, Mario / Jahnke, Heike

Improving diagnosis and reducing diagnostic errors: the next frontier of laboratory medicine
Plebani, Mario / Lippi, Giuseppe

The quality indicator paradox
Plebani, Mario

Clinical utility of the (-2)proPSA and evaluation of the evidence: a systematic review
Pecoraro, Valentina / Roli, Laura / Plebani, Mario / Trenti, Tommaso

Why are clinical practice guidelines not followed?
Barth, Julian / Misra, Shivani / Aakre, Kristin Moberg / Langlois, Michel R. / Watine, Joseph / Twomey, Patrick J.

Patient identification and tube labelling – a call for harmonisation
van Dongen-Lases, Edmée C. / Cornes, Michael P. / Grankvist, Kjell / Ibarz, Mercedes / Kristensen, Gunn B.B. / Lippi, Giuseppe / Nybo, Mads / Simundic, Ana-Maria / on behalf of the Working Group for Preanalytical Phase (WG-PRE), European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EFLM)

A fast and simple method for detecting and quantifying donor-derived cell-free DNA in sera of solid organ transplant recipients as a biomarker for graft function
Adamek, Martina / Opelz, Gerhard / Klein, Katrin / Morath, Christian / Tran, Thuong Hien

Performance of two commercially available BCR-ABL1 quantification assays that use an international reporting scale
Seo, Soo Hyun / Lee, Seung Jun / Park, Seungman / Kim, Min Jin / Song, Ji Yoon / Ra, Eun Kyung / Cho, Sung Im / Kim, Hyun Kyung / Yang, Man Gil / Kim, Ji Yeon / Park, Sung Sup / Seong, Moon-Woo

HAND1 loss-of-function mutation associated with familial dilated cardiomyopathy
Zhou, Yi-Meng / Dai, Xiao-Yong / Qiu, Xing-Biao / Yuan, Fang / Li, Ruo-Gu / Xu, Ying-Jia / Qu, Xin-Kai / Huang, Ri-Tai / Xue, Song / Yang, Yi-Qing

Performance criteria and quality indicators for the post-analytical phase
Sciacovelli, Laura / Aita, Ada / Padoan, Andrea / Pelloso, Michela / Antonelli, Giorgia / Piva, Elisa / Chiozza, Maria Laura / Plebani, Mario

Assessing the commutability of reference material formats for the harmonization of amyloid-β measurements
Bjerke, Maria / Andreasson, Ulf / Kuhlmann, Julia / Portelius, Erik / Pannee, Josef / Lewczuk, Piotr / Umek, Robert M. / Vanmechelen, Eugeen / Vanderstichele, Hugo / Stoops, Erik / Lewis, Jennifer / Vandijck, Manu / Kostanjevecki, Vesna / Jeromin, Andreas / Salamone, Salvatore J. / Schmidt, Oliver / Matzen, Anja / Madin, Kairat / Eichenlaub, Udo / Bittner, Tobias / Shaw, Leslie M. / Zegers, Ingrid / Zetterberg, Henrik / Blennow, Kaj

Quantitative determination of four immunosuppressants by high resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS)
Bruns, Kai / Mönnikes, Rene / Lackner, Karl J.

Measurement of plasma vitamin K1 (phylloquinone) and K2 (menaquinones-4 and -7) using HPLC-tandem mass spectrometry
Riphagen, Ineke J. / van der Molen, Jan C. / van Faassen, Martijn / Navis, Gerjan / de Borst, Martin H. / Muskiet, Frits A.J. / de Jong, Wilhelmina H.A. / Bakker, Stephan J.L. / Kema, Ido P.

Therapeutic drug monitoring of infliximab: performance evaluation of three commercial ELISA kits
Schmitz, Ellen M.H. / van de Kerkhof, Daan / Hamann, Dörte / van Dongen, Joost L.J. / Kuijper, Philip H.M. / Brunsveld, Luc / Scharnhorst, Volkher / Broeren, Maarten A.C.

High level of oxysterols in neonatal cholestasis: a pitfall in analysis of biochemical markers for Niemann-Pick type C disease
Polo, Giulia / Burlina, Alessandro / Furlan, Francesca / Kolamunnage, Thilini / Cananzi, Mara / Giordano, Laura / Zaninotto, Martina / Plebani, Mario / Burlina, Alberto

Reference intervals of plasma homoarginine from the German Gutenberg Health Study
Atzler, Dorothee / Appelbaum, Sebastian / Cordts, Kathrin / Ojeda, Francisco M. / Wild, Philipp S. / Münzel, Thomas / Blankenberg, Stefan / Böger, Rainer H. / Blettner, Maria / Beutel, Manfred E. / Pfeiffer, Norbert / Zeller, Tanja / Lackner, Karl J. / Schwedhelm, Edzard

TSH and fT4 during pregnancy: an observational study and a review of the literature
Joosen, Annemiek M.C.P. / van der Linden, Ivon J.M. / de Jong-Aarts, Neletta / Hermus, Marieke A.A. / Ermens, Antonius A.M. / de Groot, Monique J.M.

Mean corpuscular volume levels and all-cause and liver cancer mortality
Yoon, Hyung-Jin / Kim, Kyaehyung / Nam, You-Seon / Yun, Jae-Moon / Park, Minseon

Circulating endothelial-derived apoptotic microparticles and insulin resistance in non-diabetic patients with chronic heart failure
Berezin, Alexander E. / Kremzer, Alexander A. / Cammarota, Giovanni / Zulli, Anthony / Petrovic, Daniel / Martell-Claros, Nieves / Sabo, Jan / Kruzliak, Peter

Platelet aggregation in response to ADP is highly variable in normal donors and patients on anti-platelet medication
Dunne, Eimear / Egan, Karl / McFadden, Siobhán / Foley, David / Kenny, Dermot

EQA-derived metrics to assess overall instrument performance
Badrick, Tony / St John, Andrew

Misidentification in laboratory medicine and diagnostic process: a neglected problem calling for action
Toccafondi, Giulio / Tartaglia, Riccardo / Balboni, Fiamma / Tomei, Alessia / Pasquini, Viviana / Pezzati, Paola

Impact of the routine implementation of automated indirect immunofluorescence antinuclear antibody analysis: 1 year of experience
Mulliez, Sylvie M.N. / Maenhout, Thomas M. / Bonroy, Carolien

The importance of angiogenic markers in the differential diagnosis of HELLP syndrome vs. non-HELLP thrombocytopenia
Quirós, Covadonga / Suárez, Francisco / Prieto, Belén / Rodriguez, Verónica / Vaquerizo, Óscar / Álvarez Menéndez, Francisco V.

Bisalbuminemia accompanying bisalbuminuria detected in capillary electrophoresis, not in gel electrophoresis
Yang, Hyung-Seok / Cho, Sun Young / Kim, Young Jin / Park, Tae Sung / Lee, Hee Joo

Prognostic value of red blood cell distribution width in acute pancreatitis patients admitted to intensive care units: an analysis of a publicly accessible clinical database MIMIC II
Hu, Zhi-De / Wei, Ting-Ting / Tang, Qing-Qin / Fu, Hai-Tao / Yang, Min / Ma, Ning / Wang, Li-Li / Qin, Bao-Dong / Zhou, Lin / Zhong, Ren-Qian

Differences in analytical and biological results between older and newer lots of a widely used irisin immunoassay question the validity of previous studies
Montes-Nieto, Rafael / Martínez-García, M. Ángeles / Luque-Ramírez, Manuel / Escobar-Morreale, Héctor F.

A diagnostic algorithm for the detection of inhibitors against coagulation Factor V
Cadamuro, Janne / Skocic, Matthias / Meisl, Burgi / Raggam, Reinhard B. / Felder, Thomas Klaus / Prüller, Florian / Reinstadler, Kathrin / Wiedemann, Helmut / Mrazek, Cornelia

Interference of anticoagulants on coagulation testing
van de Kerkhof, Daan / Schmitz, Ellen / Moolenaar, Mitchel / Schellings, Mark / Boer, Arjen-Kars / Boonen, Kristel

Swiss MedLab 2016 and 74th Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society of Microbiology SSM, Bern, 13–16 June 2016

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