Call to Recognize and Award the Best Performing Laboratories in Africa at ASLM2018

ASLM would like to recognize and award laboratories that have
achieved ISO accreditation in Africa. The only criteria for your
laboratory to be nominated is ISO accreditation after participation in
the ASLM SLIPTA audit program, provided that the ISO accreditation
certificate is awarded from January 2017 to date. The awards ceremony
will be held in Abuja, Nigeria, during the ASLM2018 Conference.
Register here. This is the moment to appreciate and recognize
laboratories that excel in “Quality Diagnostics
Service”. Ministries of Health, SLIPTA Focal Points, SLIPTA-audited
laboratories and Implementing Partners can nominate such laboratories
before or on 22 November 2018. The exact date for the awards ceremony
will be communicated to successful laboratories before 30 November
2018. For nomination, kindly use the form here and attach the copy of
ISO accreditation certificate. Don’t forget to register for