It has come to Council’s notice that since the introduction of Continuous Professional Development Programme in 2011, registered members of the medical laboratory profession continue to seek renewal of their practising licenses without furnishing administration office with pre-requisite CPD points.

Registered members have been giving various excuses as to why they were failing to acquire the required points.  Financial difficulties being the major reason why most members were failing to acquire the pre-requisite CPD points.

Council also noted with concern lack of interest to sponsor the worthy activity by companies that used to do so before. 

Therefore, in order to assist registered  members acquire the pre-requisite CPD points for year 2020 practising certificate renewal, Council resolved that the administration office circulate  CPD guidelines.  Practitioners can acquire CPD points with activities such as departmental, interdepartmental or inter laboratories meetings.  Heads of laboratories will be guided by the attached document in awarding registered members of the profession CPD points.  Presenters will receive extra points for presenting.

The Registrar’s office would like to take this opportunity to advise members that no practitioner will be allowed to renew year 2020 practising certificate without the pre-requisite CPD points.

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