HIV prevention research workshop – 21-22 August 2019, Harare

Are you a young, budding biomedical researcher?

Don’t miss this two-day scientific training workshop which will provide research tools, networking and funding resources for young investigators in the HIV prevention field.


We invite young investigators from the SADC Region to submit their abstracts and contribute to the next generation HIV prevention research workshop taking place on 21-22 August 2019 in Harare, Zimbabwe

Abstracts can be submitted on the following topics

  • Addressing gaps in current PrEP and MPT research
  • Developing next-generation products for HIV prevention
  • Novel measures of PrEP product safety and adherence
  • The interface between HIV and HPV/Vaginal Microbiome
  • Socio-behavioral aspects of, and end user preferences for new HIV prevention modalities.
  • TB immunology and vaccines

The workshop will provide cutting-edge information and demonstrations through plenary sessions, and participants will gain hands-on training during breakout sessions in:

  • Laboratory endpoints of clinical studies
  • Phase I clinical trial design
  • End-user perspectives
  • Research methodologies in HIV prevention
  • Grant-writing

Our hope is that the Innovation in HIV Prevention Research Workshop provides a valuable focus on research and networking tools capable of sustaining young, local investigators researching next generation HIV prevention products.

Abstract submission deadline: 07 August 2019

Registration deadline: 14 August 2019

For more information contact: