Idai Resource Mobilisation Initiative

Dear Colleagues,

I hope this email finds you in good health. In view of the Cyclone Idai Disaster at UZ we have embarked on a resource mobilisation initiative. This initiative is to collect resources in kind to assist victims of the disaster. We have linked up with the Zimbabwe Red Cross Society and we work through them. Please note that the RC is also a permanent member of the Civil Protection Coordinating Committee.

We are appealing to all members of staff of UZ and the UZ community to participate in this initiative to mitigate the impact of the disaster and to work on recovery of the people affected. Currently the focus is on rescue operations. This entails mobilisation of resources to save lives of survivors. These resources include clothes, blankets, utensils, food, toilateries, medicines etc etc.

We have established a Resource collection centre at Women’s Law assisted by Professor Julie Stewart. Please mobilise resources from your communities, religious organisations, social media groups, etc. so that all those who wish to donate can use this channel for their convenience.

Please note that we are only receiving donations in kind. Cash donations will be done directly through Red Cross accounts which shall be released in the media. Biller code and account numbers will be given.

We are also organising donation of labour. Those who wish to provide specific skills or to do manual work can also do so. Red Cross is working out how to get volunteers to the disaster area to carry rescue operations. People in the medical field, social scientists specializing in community work including planning, strategy development, handling post traumatic stress disorders etc are required. Please liaise with the UZIRMI Committee.

We appeal to all members to participate voluntarily in this initiative and demonstrate responsible leadership to our nation.

We thank you in advance.