Medical Laboratory and Clinical Scientists Council underscores the need for strong personnel standards and the requirement that laboratories must have the appropriate accreditation, or are in the process of accreditation or meet minimum requirements as per MLCSCZ guidelines being implemented by HPA. All Laboratories must participate in mandatory Proficiency Testing (PT) programs and results must be posted in the laboratory. PT is an important educational and quality assurance tool used “to assist laboratories to identify and solve problems, evaluate personnel, and improve test results.”


  1. Patient Safety and the Quality of Laboratory Testing

The Benefit of Higher Quality Testing Standards

The justification for “licensure” is to protect the public from significant harm caused by incompetent or poorly trained members of an “occupational group.”  Since laboratory tests form the basis for most medical diagnosis, treatment and patient management, the potential exists for serious harm from laboratory testing errors.


  1. Professional Recognition

The general adherence to laid down good Clinical Laboratory Practice by laboratory personnel is an opportunity to increase professional recognition for the professionals who work in our nation’s laboratories.  All Laboratory personnel as expected to display copies of their practicing licences in their laboratories, however, in large institutions only the practicing certificates of the Practitioner in Charge should be displayed next to the HPA Licence to  promote a positive image beyond the walls of the laboratory to educate other health care providers, the public, and legislators about the value of laboratory tests in facilitating medical diagnosis, treatment, patient management and about the essential role of the entire laboratory team, e.g., pathologists, clinical scientists, graduate medical laboratory scientists, Diploma Medical Laboratory Scientists, Cytologists, and State Certified Medical Laboratory Technicians.

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