Molecular Diagnostic

You are warmly invited to the 16th Zimbabwe Association of Clinical Biochemists and Laboratory Medicine’s National Course on Molecular Diagnostics ‘Hands On’ to be held in collaboration with the University of Zimbabwe College of Health Sciences and the National Biotechnology Authority of Zimbabwe.

The course will be held on 20th-22nd August 2018 at National Biotechnology Laboratories at 21 Princess Drive in Newlands, Harare, Zimbabwe.

Molecular diagnostics techniques are used to analyse biological markers in the genome and proteome in diagnosis, and monitoring of diseases, decide therapies/drugs that work best for individual patients in predictive, preventative and personalized laboratory medicine and detect risk. Molecular diagnostic tests are mostly used in oncology, infectious diseases such as HIV, drug resistant diseases, neurosciences, cardiology and metabolic disorders. The techniques are used to identify, map and sequence genes in basic biomedical researches, to determine their functions in human and veterinary medicine, GMO foods and large scale pharmaceutical products eg Insulin and HBV vaccine etc. In agriculture, the uses extend to production of herbicide and insect resistant crops. In industry the uses are many e.g. in bio-engineering of for example fuel.

Recent development in molecular diagnostic tests i.e. Point of Care Tests with high specificity and sensitivity is most welcome. Evidence is available that shows these tests now assist in improving turn-around time of results, reduce mortalities and complications of diseases, are effective in screening cancer, HIV and drug resistant infections.

In some instances, molecular diagnostic tests significantly save on medical costs by facilitating treatment interventions thus improving patients outcomes, adherence and compliance, improving prediction of treatment and also improving prognosis in type 2 DM, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, small cell lung cancer, thrombophilia, obesity, haemochromatosis and smoking cessation etc.

Students, postgraduates, various biomedical researchers, clinicians and experts in disciplines of Pathology, biotechnology, human and veterinary medicine would benefit greatly from this practical ‘Hands On’ course. You are indeed most welcome to participate.

This unique experience will enable you to share new knowledge, network meet and make new and renew friendships in an awakening Harare city known to many as the ‘Sunshine City’.

Yours faithfully,

Professor Hilda Marima-Matarira

President ZACB and Laboratory Medicine

Zimbabwe Representative on AFCC and IFCC




TELEPHONE: +263-4-791631 Ext 2126

CELL PHONES:  Cathy: 0773 144 508 Olive: 0773 372 083

COURSE FEES:  $350-00

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