“Managing Risk, Enhancing Culture, Improving Performance”

30th & 31st March 2016 , AMABHUBESI TRAINING CENTRE


Facilitator- Prof JJ (“Koot”) Pieterse



Root cause analysis is a problem solving process for conducting an investigation into an identified incident, problem, concern or non-conformity. Root cause analysis is a completely separate process to incident management and immediate corrective action, although they are often completed in close proximity. Root cause analysis (RCA) requires the investigator(s) to look beyond the solution to the immediate problem and understand the fundamental or underlying cause(s) of the situation and put them right, thereby preventing re-occurrence of the same issue. This may involve the identification and management of processes, procedures, activities, inactivity, behaviours or conditions.


Amabhubesi Root cause Analysis Workshop ensures that laboratories effectively identify and address the root cause of the problem. By outlining different methodologies and practical laboratory related examples of root cause analysis, laboratory personnel can surely improve their management system and technical services. This science-based investigation methodology integrates problem solving techniques from total quality management (TQM), Six Sigma, and generic problem solving approaches to identify the technical root cause (the change that has occurred) as well as any systemic root causes (system failures that allowed the change to occur). Corrective and / or preventive actions are then taken so that the performance can be restored to its previous, professional level. A control plan is then implemented to prevent the problem from ever returning.


Participants will learn several Root cause analysis tools that will allow them to identify and correct the underlying problems within their organization.



▪ Introduction of a logical problem solving process applicable to issues and non conformities of all sizes.

▪ To teach the members of this class how to effectively analyze problems, determine their Root Causes and define appropriate Corrective Actions.

▪ To impart a familiarity with analytical tools utilized in the determination of Root Causes.

▪ To provide guidance to carry out proper Root Cause Analysis (RCA) with suitable quality tools

▪ Determine whether a root cause analysis is required.

▪ Relationship between process & cause-and-effect.

▪ Correlation and regression Risk assessment and failure modes.

▪ Risk, prevention & problem solving.

▪ Identify Appropriate Corrective Action Identification of permanent solution>>>see attached brochure for more



This highly practical workshop for Laboratory analysts, professionals in Quality Assurance, Senior and Middle Level Managers from Laboratories of any type and size (QC Labs, Medical/Hospital Labs, Pharmaceutical and Food industries Labs, Laboratory Technicians, Quality Assurance Managers and Senior Personnel Health and Safety Manager, Supplies Acceptance Labs, In-process Labs.



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