Special COVID-19 ECHO Session #2 on 30 March!

Within days of the declaration of a pandemic by WHO, scientists and manufacturers began working harder in collaboration with many collaborating centres to produce high-quality diagnostics for COVID-19. Today, molecular testing, serology assays and rapid tests are available to detect the CoV-2. Understanding how these various technologies can support laboratory testing for screening and confirmation of cases, as well as epidemiological surveillance, is critical to quickly curbing the pandemic. Laboratory testing will make a difference only if used adequately, where most needed, and with consideration to health care needs for other diseases.    Adequate laboratory testing is not the sole business of laboratorians. Knowing how the latest technology can support the response to COVID-19 is important for all involved in healthcare, including clinicians, nurses, technologists, biologists, programme managers and health stakeholders.    ASLM, Africa CDC, FIND and the World Bank invite you to an online Extended Community Health Outreach (ECHO) session on 30 March 2020 focusing on the ‘latest update on available technologies to detect COVID-19: an indication of their performance and the recommendations for clinical care and surveillance’. Subject matter experts will present the latest information available and will be answering questions. Please connect early as there are a limited number of connections possible: first come, first served.
Presenter: Cassandra Kelly-Cirino, PhD, Director, Emerging Threats