The ZACBLM in partnership with the MLCSCZ and the UZ CHS will be celebrating the historic coming of IFCCWorldLab from 22-25th October Durban 2017 in SA monthly on Saturday from 8am to 1pm with Symposia.
So far the schedule of Symposium and Convenors are as follows in 2016: G Floor Room 40 Department of Chem Path
1. 26th November Ethics in LabMed O. Moyo/L Shoniwa
2. 10th DecemberMaternal Mental, Infant and Nutrition Health H.Matarira
In 2017:
3. 14 January Advances in Cardiovascular Diseases A. Gomo
4. 11th February 1VD-POCT Testing Tools of Trade D Zhou
5. 11th March Nanomedicine in Laboratory Medicine C Maponga
In MLCSCZ Venue Opposite No 71 Suffolk Road
6. 15th April Prevention Early Detection and Management of Super Bugs S Zinyowera and L Gwanzura
7. 13th May Flow Cytometry inClinical Practice B Mudenge
8. 17th June Young Scientists Session 1 T.Nyamayaro
9. 15th July Advances in Molecular Diagnostics in Zimbabwe K Mhandire
10. 12th August Young Scientists Session 2 C Musarurwa
11. 16th September On Route To WorldLab 2017 W Mujaji
Regitration Fees to C Samuwi. Members of ZACB and MLCSCZ usd10 and non members usd 15. Lunch is optional.