ZACBLM Symposium Resolutions from Round Table on 10 December 2016

  1. There are grey areas in evidence-based medicine because we rely on statistics from other parts of the world. We need to have more Zimbabwean statistics, publications and stats-based analyses
  2. More sharing of ideas and publications
  3. When we bring these ideas to the public, there will be less stigma of mental health disorders
  4. There is no health without mental health
  5. Is mental health the same as brain health?
  6. Collate email addresses to send presentations to all on CC (carbon copy) so that people can reply, discuss and network based on these presentations
  7. Let us not let these resolutions gather dust- we must communicate
  8. There is need for a public advocacy programme through our networks to reduce disease. Need more advocacy for maternal, infant and mental health
  9. Let us not sit on the information and data we encounter every day during our work. We can use it to get more information about Zimbabwe. Let us take it to researchers/professors/leaders in the departments so that we take action. Even a study that showed “no conclusion” is a result.