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More and detailed publications on 14th ZACBLM Annual National Workshop/Dialogue of 16-17th June 2016 can be viewed or listened to from the following : hosting an on line Journal of Biomedical Sciences and Public Health of ZACB. where more posters, abstracts,etc are being uploaded. of 16th June 2016. 6th edition August 2016.
4.www. hosting El Microscopio Internet Radio July Interview from Zimbabwe. of 3rd July 2016. Radio Sport FM Interviews from 30th July 2016. on 4th August 2016: eNews : IFCC: VLP 2016 In Harare and IFCC: Task Force: Young Scientists Recent Activities Medlab 2016 Harare, Zimbabwe.

I look forward to your participation on the Internet Radio Africa the First on the continent on Laboratory Medicine linked to an IFCC supported El Microscopio Internet Radio of COLABIOCLI operating from Argentina. This initiative will enable us to share knowledge and experiences on the vast African continent of more than 1.1 billion people and beyond.

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